Since 1980 the Jamaican influence at Lull Farm has helped shape, grow, and give character to our business – making it what it is today. Lull Farm has been employing hardworking men and women from the country of Jamaica for nearly three decades! As one of the most fertile Caribbean islands, Jamaica’s people often come from a background of farming, making their contribution to Lull Farm one of experience and value.

Our customers will see our workers picking corn at the crack of dawn, carving pumpkins for our annual pumpkin lighting, and still working hard when the sun goes down. This mutually beneficial relationship between Lull Farm and it’s Jamaican workforce provides us with incredibly hardworking men and women that we need to run our business, and them with a successful career which allows them months off in the winter to relax at home in Jamaica with their families.

With a team of hardworking employees from around the world – we are all truly dedicated to providing our customers with the very best quality produce. Anyone who’s shopped at Lull knows just how important our Jamaican crew is to our business - and family.