Vegetable/Fruit Plants

Lull Farm offers a huge variety of plants that would be great for your home and garden. Please come visit either the Hollis or Milford farm stand to view our wide selection and choose the plants that you desire.

The following varieties of vegetable and fruit plants are sold in either 4'' pots or 6-packs. They are intended to be transplanted into your home garden or planter.

Vegetable Plants:


           *Don't forget to stake or trellis ALL tomato plants*

  • 21 varieties of main season tomatoes
  • 4 varieties of colored and specialty tomatoes
  • hanging tomato plant varieties
  • 9 varieties of cherry tomatoes
  • 12 varieties of grape and pear tomatoes
  • 6 varieties of plum tomatoes
  • 39 varieties of our famous heirloom tomatoes!

          What is an heirloom? A tomato that has been passed down from generation to generation for one reason: FLAVOR! Many have distinct colors and shapes that give them great character. Come August, we will have over 60 varieties of fresh heirloom tomatoes available in our both our farmstands to purchase by the pound. Don't forget to come take a look at our fresh tomato selection, it's delicious site to see!


  • 14 varieties of green peppers
  • 8 varieties of specialty peppers
  • 7 varieties of colored peppers
  • 15 varieties of hot peppers


  • 13 varieties of eggplant


  • 8 varieties of squash


  • multiple cucumber varieties


  • multiple melon varieties


  • multiple pumpkin varieties


  • multiple cabbage varieties


      We also carry the following vegetable plants:

  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • celery
  • collards
  • kale
  • leeks
  • lettuces
  • okra
  • pac choi
  • radicchio
  • swiss chard